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21 Jan 2019
Help us harness the rain for brave veterans

When Gurkha veteran Rifleman Hauda Thapa returned from the army to Nepal back in 1946 he struggled to get by…

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A five-year challenge for a
50 year-old Gurkha

Back in 2017, ex-Gurkha Captain Bishnu Bahadur Singh was approaching his 50th Birthday…
Instead of asking for gifts, Bishnu came up with an idea to give back to the Gurkhas – and put together a plan to do so in a truly remarkable way.

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15 Jan 2019
The oldest Gurkha in Nepal

Of the 4,500+ Gurkha veterans and widows we support with a Welfare Pension in Nepal, well over 200 of them are over 95 years old. We believe that the title of the oldest Gurkha in Nepal belongs to Lance Naik Lal Bahadur Gurung.

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