• What does the GWT do?

    We provide financial, medical and development aid to Gurkha veterans, their families and communities.

    While we have a global remit for Gurkha welfare, our focus is Nepal and those who did not serve the 15 years previously required to earn an Army pension, who now face poverty and distress.

  • Who qualifies for a welfare pension?

    Recipients of our Welfare Pension must have served with the Brigade of Gurkhas or be the widow of an ex-serviceman. They must not be eligible for an Army pension and must also be at risk of poverty and distress.

  • How is my donation spent?

    When you give to the Trust, you can be certain that your donation will go to where it is needed most: to deserving Gurkhas and their communities.

    Income from investments covers most of our UK head office administation costs and fundraising, while a Grant in Aid from the Ministry of Defence covers nearly all our field staff and infrastructure costs in Nepal.

  • Where is the GWT head office?

    Our official/postal address is:

    PO Box 2170
    22 Queen St
    SP2 2EX

    Our physical address is:

    2nd Floor
    Cross Keys House
    22 Queen Street
    SP1 1EY

  • Does the GWT sell goods?

    The Trust does not directly sell merchandise but we work in partnership with The Gurkha Museum which often sells goods on our behalf.

    Please visit the Museum website to see their range of Gurkha products.

  • Where does the GWT work?

    We’ve worked in Nepal for over 46 years. In recent years we’ve also adapted to an increased need in the UK.

  • I’d like to volunteer in Nepal, what do I need to do?

    We currently do not have any volunteer opportunities in Nepal.

  • What is Joanna Lumley’s association with the Trust?

    Joanna Lumley has been a long-term supporter of The Gurkha Welfare Trust.

    While her 2009 campaign for revised settlement rights was not connected to our work, Joanna generously offered to lend her added support to the Trust and has been a committed Vice Patron for several years.

  • I’d like to volunteer in the UK, what do I need to do?

    Unfortunately we do not have volunteer placements at our head office.

    If you would like to become a volunteer fundraiser please get in contact with your nearest branch.

  • I am a Gurkha who has just arrived in the UK, who can help me?

    Visit our Welfare Support in the UK page for further information.

  • 10:10 AM, 02 Jun 2021It is with great sadness that we inform our supporters of the passing of GWT staff member Gam Bahadur Gurung https://t.co/1OLMozYP8n

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