Financial Aid

The Welfare Pension is central to our work. It’s awarded to impoverished Gurkha veterans or widows who aren’t eligible for the standard Army pension. It currently stands at 11,000 Nepalese Rupees per month (around £75).

Our Welfare Pension

The rate is calculated each year using a ‘shopping basket’ of basic goods such as rice, vegetables and cooking oil. While modest, it provides enough to get by in Nepal. It’s collected by our beneficiaries, many of whom live in remote villages, every three months

“Quite simply, I would be dead without my pension. GWT is my lifeline. I have nothing to say other than you are keeping me alive”

Pakuli Gurung, widow of WWII veteran Naik Balaram Gurung

At the moment, we provide this vital income to over 4,500 Gurkha soldiers or widows in recognition of their loyal service and sacrifice.

Other grants

Disability Support Grants

For disabled children of Gurkha soldiers, we offer a regular grant similar to the Welfare Pension. Without the support of a first-world health system, disabilities can pose an insurmountable obstacle in Nepal.

Emergency Hardship Grants

When disaster strikes in the form of fire, flood, landslide or earthquake, we're on permanent standby to help by offering financial and other support.

Winter Fuel Allowance

Ensuring that our pensioners are equipped to face the colder winter months – with money for fuel and extra clothing and bedding.

Porterage Allowance

The oldest and frailest of our pensioners must sometimes be carried to their local Welfare Centre to receive aid; we reimburse any costs incurred.

Carer’s Allowance

Sometimes, family members of our Pensioners care for them full-time. When this happens they are able to apply for a grant from us to support them as they’re unable to work.

Staff Discretionary Grant

Our staff in Nepal have a pot of money in cases of destitution or in cases when specific medical equipment need to be purchased.

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