Supporting Impoverished Gurkhas

We deliver a package of care to Gurkha veterans and widows to ensure they can live with dignity.

Our Pensioner Support Teams journey into the hills of Nepal on motorbikes, in 4×4 vehicles and on-foot to pay them a pension, check their health and deliver medication in their own homes.

Watch one of our teams on an adventure across Nepal visiting Gurkha veterans Rifleman Jangabahadur Pun and Abir Purja, who both fought alongside British soldiers in World War Two:


Visiting Gurkha veterans and widows in the hills of Nepal



Rifleman Hauda Thapa

Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to deliver a package of care to impoverished Gurkha veterans living in Nepal. Gurkha veterans like Rifleman Hauda Thapa.

When Hauda returned from the army to Nepal back in 1946 he struggled to get by and spent most of his days farming to make ends meet. We work to ensure that he receives the support he needs to live his life with dignity.





“I could only ask for help from my father. I consider GWT as my father.”

Rifleman Hauda Thapa

Our financial aid

Welfare Pension

We pay a pension to thousands of impoverished Gurkha veterans or widows in Nepal who aren’t eligible to receive a British Army pension. The rate is calculated each year using ‘shopping basket’ of basic goods such as rice, vegetables and firewood. For many people, this is their only source of income.

Disability Support Grant

For disabled children of Gurkha soldiers, we offer a regular grant similar to the Welfare Pension. Without the support of a first-world health system, disabilities can pose an insurmountable obstacle in Nepal.

Emergency Hardship Grant

We are needed the most during moments of tragedy. When disaster strikes in the form of fire, flood, landslide or earthquake, GWT is ready to provide immediate assistance, by offering financial and other support.

Winter Allowance

Our Winter Allowance is an additional annual gift distributed to all of our pensioners to ensure that they are equipped to endure the colder months of winter.

Home Carer’s Allowance

Sometimes, family members of our Pensioners care for them full-time. When this happens they are able to apply for a grant from us to support them as they are unable to work.

Staff Discretionary Grant

Our staff in Nepal have a pot of money in cases of destitution or in cases when specific medical equipment need to be purchased.

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Our other services

Medical Aid

Clean water and sanitation


Residential Homes

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