Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships

The support we receive from our corporate partners, no matter what their size or market, is essential in helping us to provide welfare and support to Gurkha veterans, their families and communities in Nepal.

We know how important it is for companies to fulfil their Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) and business objectives, therefore, we work with companies to establish tailor-made and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Why Support the GWT?

You will have the opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of Gurkha veterans, their families and communities in Nepal , working in partnership with us, to repay the debt of honour we owe to Gurkha veterans for their sacrifices, bravery and loyalty they have provided to protect our freedoms for over 200 years.

In return we can offer your business positive PR, increased brand awareness and positive brand positioning. All Corporate Partnerships are promoted across all our digital channels. Our Facebook page reaches just over 2 million people each month and has 320,000 followers, our webpage has 30,000-page views per month and the E-newsletter is sent to 18,000 UK based supporters every month. (numbers estimates)

Your employees will also increase their team building skills and morale by volunteering and taking part in GWT fundraising events and their own fundraising activities. We can engage your staff by undertaking GWT talks at your offices, provide regular updates and ongoing real-life case studies, so that you can see the impact of your corporate support.

All our Corporate Partners will be invited to join our Business Club which will help to promote your support for the Gurkha Welfare Trust and offer your business three different levels of membership, each with different benefits.

Ways to get involved

There are many ways a Corporate can support us:

•  Choose us as your Charity of the Year.

•  Cause Related Marketing: Use the strength of the GWT brand to boost the sale of your products and services by donating a percentage of each sale or service to the GWT.

•  Payroll Giving: Employees can make a monthly tax free donation to the GWT directly from their salary.

•  Sponsorships: We have an exciting range of sponsorship packages for fundraising events in the UK and projects in Nepal.

•  Volunteering: We can offer volunteering opportunities to your employees at some of our challenge events such as Trailwalker and Doko Challenges as well as helping at the many private functions we hold with our supporters.

•  Organise your own fundraising events and enter corporate teams into our challenge events. Companies can choose to match fund the donations we receive from their employees.

The work we do would not be possible without the generosity, loyalty and support of our Corporate Partners. If you are interested in looking at the way we can work together please get in touch with our Corporate Partnerships Officer, David Watson on 01722 343115 or

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