Donations in memory

Donations in memory

Donating in memory during COVID-19

We understand losing a loved one is a difficult time, especially in the current climate where meeting to celebrate their lives isn’t always possible.

Should you be arranging a collection in celebration, it may be helpful for you to set up an online giving platform. There are many on offer including JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving which The Gurkha Welfare Trust are partnered with.

While not the same as meeting friends and family in person, they do allow for memories, photos and stories to be shared, and gifts in memory to be collated. It is also helpful for The  Gurkha Welfare Trust, as, while our staff work remotely it provides a safer and quicker way for us to acknowledge the generous gift sent to celebrate your loved ones support of our Gurkha veterans and their communities.

It is also possible to pay in collections via our website, and for funeral directors to request to transfer the monies via direct transfer. For more information, please contact:

Why leave a donation in memory?

By making donation in memory of a loved one, you’ll be helping to provide vital aid to Gurkha veterans for vital Welfare Pensions, to care for the vulnerable and to provide emergency relief in times of disaster and extreme hardship. Your support is crucial in enabling us to continue our work in years to come.

More information

If you are collecting gifts in memory of a loved one and would like information, please call 01722 323 955. Donation envelopes can be provided for this purpose.

If you would like donations to be made to The Gurkha Welfare Trust in lieu of flowers at your funeral, stating this in your Will lets the executors know of your wish.

Call 01722 323 955 or email for more information.

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