21st July 2021

Jim reaches day 100 of his coastal challenge

“I may be gone a while…”

Royal Navy veteran Jim Morton reached the West Highland Way yesterday on his 100th day of trekking the coast of mainland Britain. With barely a day’s rest since he set out on 12th April, Jim remains determined to continue his journey and raise an incredible £50,000 for The Gurkha Welfare Trust. He is roughly one quarter of the way through his walk, which will total 400 days and 7,500 miles.

So far Jim has walked 1,939 miles over 100 days, and raised £4,500 for The Gurkha Welfare Trust.

Jim has a long-held respect for the Gurkhas, having worked closely with them as a teenage rating on HMS Gurkha. After seeing how many Gurkha veterans and families suffered in Nepal following the devastating earthquake in 2015, he decided the money raised from his trek should go to The Gurkha Welfare Trust.

Jim was also inspired to embark on this fundraising challenge to live out a lifelong dream of seeing all the lighthouses in mainland Britain. His fascination with lighthouses began when he was a young boy and received The AA Reader’s Digest Book of the Road as a Christmas present.

Having walked from his home in Penistone all the way to the Scottish Highlands, Jim reflected on his journey so far. “The most challenging part to this point has been the coast around Argyle, where there are no defined paths. Sometimes I was clinging to the cliff edges or hacking my way through forests. I have been prickled, nettled, and electrocuted. I have fallen 20 feet down a waterfall and then fell in the sea and rivers. It’s been a challenge.”

Despite these obstacles, Jim is determined to complete his journey and hit his goal of £50,000 for the welfare of Gurkha veterans and widows. The support he receives through his Facebook page gives him the boost he needs to continue onward. “My motivation comes from the hundreds of good will messages and donations, and what I am raising for our friends the Gurkhas,” he said.

While he was in the Scottish Highlands this past weekend, Jim decided to hike Ben Nevis, where he happened to meet some Gurkha veterans and their families, pictured below.



Though Jim has a long way to go on his journey, he is looking forward to all the new people he will meet and the places he will see. His wife Sue will be by his side through it all, following from the road in their motorhome. While Jim is out hiking, Sue updates his social media followers, books campsites, and ensures he has everything he needs to trek onward. In the miles ahead, she is most looking forward to spotting dolphins, otters, and other wildlife.

We wish Jim well as he continues his epic journey. You can support Jim by donating to his Just Giving page here.

Follow Jim’s daily updates on his Facebook Page.

If Jim has inspired you to take on a challenge to benefit Gurkha veterans and their families, contact us at challenges@gwt.org.uk

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