6th May 2021

BREAKING: The COVID-19 situation in Nepal

As India’s COVID outbreak spreads across South East Asia, Nepal is now overwhelmed by a surge in cases. The country’s long permeable border with India has allowed the virus to spread, and will continue to spread for some time. Reuters has described it as a ‘human catastrophe’.

As of yesterday (5 May 2021), there were 66,352 active COVID-19 cases in Nepal. Only a month ago this Himalayan nation of 31 million people was reporting about 100 cases a day. Now, it’s more than 8,600, with 44% of tests now coming back positive, according to the Red Cross. Towns in the Terai region are particularly struggling due to the proximity to the Indian border.

“What is happening in India right now is a horrifying preview of Nepal’s future if we cannot contain this latest COVID surge that is claiming more lives by the minute,”

said Netra Prasad Timsina, chair of the Nepal Red Cross.

“The situations are worsening day by day and it may go out of control in future”

said Dr Samir Adhikari, a spokesperson for Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population

Tightening borders and imposing lockdowns in worst-hit regions, including Kathmandu, was not enough to contain the virus as it spread through the capital, and even as far as Everest Base Camp. Therefore, Nepal has imposed a national lockdown with all international travel banned.

How we are protecting Gurkha veterans and widows


As the crisis has intensified, our team have doubled their efforts to get out to the homes of vulnerable Gurkha veterans and widows to deliver essential medication, finances and check-ups – reaching 600 in May alone. Without our intervention these are people who would be totally isolated by the country-wide lockdown.

£500k worth of medical kit

You may have read in the international press recently the difficulties the Nepali healthcare system is facing, as it struggles to cope with a surge in demand. As our team of 500+ continue to work tirelessly across the country, they have been buoyed by news of an incredibly generous gift; an anonymous donor has sourced and donated over £500,000 worth of vital medical equipment. The kit will be distributed to hospitals selected by the Trust based on the need and the effect the equipment can have.  It is to help all Nepali people in need of treatment from COVID-19.

COVID Intervention Programme

With funding support from the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, and in close collaboration with authorities at the national, provincial and local levels in Nepal, our Rural Water and Sanitation Programme have been conducting a COVID Intervention Programme across, 40 Districts in Nepal, providing handwash stations, PPE, sanitation equipment and advocacy at over 360 benefitting over 200,000 people. The support we’ve been delivering has helped

Our projects

Thanks to special dispensation from the Government of Nepal, our team have been able to continue our vital work even through regional and national lockdowns. That means our staff are still working on projects which pipe clean water to people’s doors, building schools to offer a better education to the country’s young and of course, constructing homes and providing unparalleled medical help to thousands of Gurkha veterans and widows across the country. They work in full PPE and strictly adhere to COVID safety guidelines.

Hello World

One of the ways the team in Nepal have been able to support is via the dissemination of medical advice to the general public. Though many of our doctors are still regularly deployed to provide assessments and medication to vulnerable veterans and widows across the country, we have been able to spare some of our medical team to the ‘Hello Doctor’ initiative in the Gandacki province of Nepal.

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