27th April 2021

April 2021: Our month in pictures

Bringing aid to the homes of Gurkha veterans and widows

Throughout April, our Pensioner Support Teams travelled across Nepal visiting the homes of vulnerable Gurkha veterans and widows.

Staff get second dose of COVID vaccine

All staff working at our Area Welfare Centres, our Pensioner Support Teams, and those working in our Residential Homes are on Nepal’s priority list for COVID vaccinations. Throughout this month, staff have been receiving their second dose of the vaccine, ensuring the journeys we make to Gurkha veterans’ and widows’ homes are as safe as possible.

Happy New Year 2078!

Happy Nepali New Year! The Nepali calendar (Bikram Sambhat) is 57 years and 8.5 months ahead of ours. Always up for a party, our two Residential Homes celebrated the occasion with a curry.

Water and sanitation in Sarlahi District

We have finished constructing a water project in Nepal’s Sarlahi District benefitting 4,011 people in 632 households, a school with 250 pupils, a ward office, a temple and six community centres.

Once construction is completed and safety checks have been made it’s time for the community to start enjoying their clean water. We ensure that our tap stands are located at the homes of those who need it, so they no longer have to walk for hours to collect water.

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