27th April 2021

Saving sight: How our medical camps change lives with cataract removal

Our medical camps have a strong reputation in Nepal, with some citizens travelling up to two days to access first-class treatment.

The beginning of 2021 saw a successful medical camp take place at our Area Welfare Centre in Tehrathum, eastern Nepal. A total of 198 people in the remote area received life-changing treatment such as cataract removal –  a surgery that is usually unavailable for those living in such remote areas.

Dilmaya Limbu, 57

Dilmaya completely lost her sight around six months ago. She lost vision in both of her eyes because of cataracts. For the four years before that, she could only see shadows and blurry images and needed to crawl and use her hands to find her way around.

“It was really difficult. Because of my eyesight, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t see anything”

The 57 year-old couldn’t get her eyes treated because she couldn’t afford the cost. After losing her eyesight due to cataracts, it was even more difficult for her to earn money as she had to completely depend on others for everything.

Dilmaya arrived at our medical camp on a tuk-tuk (three-wheeled taxi) with her husband, which took around two hours from their home.

We’re pleased that her cataract-removal surgery was smooth and successful, and she felt the benefits straight away:

“After removing the bandage from my eyes, I felt really good and relieved. I was happy from within. I quickly watched everywhere. I felt that I can see the world again. I felt very lucky and all of a sudden, a big burst of energy came inside me.”

“I am a person who is afraid to even get an injection shot. But yesterday, I was not afraid. I didn’t feel anything. And the very next day, which is today, I was able to see. (she laughed with joy) I felt really good.”

“I want to thank The Gurkha Welfare Trust and all involved. I hope you will get whatever you wish for. After my successful surgery, I now started to believe in myself, I have hope and am determined to do all things that I can.”

“I will never forget the good deed the organisation did for me. They helped me in such a difficult time. I wish them good luck in whatever they do. I really want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

Gha Bahang Limbu, 72

It took Gha Bahang six hours to reach our medical camp via public transport. He had a cataract in his left eye and could not see properly. He suffered from a cataract for more than ten years.

Because our doctors need to check their eyes the next day, those who need cataract operations and their families are provided with a place to sleep for the night. We also provided them medicine and glasses after their bandages were removed.

“Now I can see with both my eyes. It’s very clear now.”

“For me, this medical camp is the best. After they cured my eye, I found it even better. I am very happy. In this old age to have a vision like this is all that you can ask for. What more do I need. My stay in the hospital was also good. They had well-managed beds to sleep in, proper food and water to eat and drink. It felt like home. What more can you ask for.”

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