21st March 2019

Where does my donation go?

Every penny donated to The Gurkha Welfare Trust is spent on charitable activities

We understand that when you donate to a cause or a charity, you want to know where your money goes. You’ll want to know how much of it is spent on administration costs and ultimately what it’s being spent on.

For us, transparency to our supporters is of the utmost importance. Our field team is made up largely of ex-Gurkhas and has been for 50 years and we’re incredibly proud of our reputation for professionalism and integrity.

What percentage of your donation goes to charity?

100% of donations go straight to Nepal

Extraordinarily, as a charity, we are able to guarantee that every penny donated to us in the UK is spent on our charitable activities in Nepal.

We are able to achieve this through professional management of our funds, as directed by our Board of Trustees. We work with investment specialists who last year were able to secure us a return which more than covered the money we spent on administration, staff and fundraising costs in the UK.

Effective fundraising

Though our fundraising costs are covered by our investments, that didn’t make them any less effective.

For every £1 we spent on fundraising from the general public last year we raised £6.46 in income.

Where else does our money come from?

We’re very lucky to receive donations in various ways.


a. Donations from individuals: 28%

b. Donations from companies, trusts, clubs and organisations: 4%

c. Legacies: 21%

d. Grants: 13%

e. Charitable activities: 16%

f. Fundraising events: 5%

g. Investments: 13%

How do we spend your money?

Crucially, we are weighted in the right way, with 20+ staff in the UK funding the work of 450+ staff across Nepal. At no point do any funds donated to the Trust pass through any other third party or organisation in Nepal.

Our money is raised by The Gurkha Welfare Trust in the UK and spent by The Gurkha Welfare Trust in Nepal. We also part fund two advice centres in the UK for veterans and their families choosing to settle here.

For 50 years our mission has been the same – to support Gurkha veterans. Over the years this has expanded to include their dependents, widows and wider communities. The following chart shows a breakdown of our expenditure in Nepal from last year:


a. Individual aid: 38%

b. Medical aid: 25%

c. Residential homes: 3%

d. Disaster response: 11%

e. School projects: 5%

f. Water projects: 18%



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