Annual Review

Annual Review


Our financial year runs to the Nepali year, beginning 1 July and ending 31 June.

Our year in numbers

Supporting impoverished Gurkhas

We pay a Welfare Pension to thousands of impoverished Gurkha veterans or widows.

Last year, over 4,100 Gurkha veterans and widows, with an average age of 81 years old, received a pension worth 12,600 Nepali Rupees per month.

There were 225 recipients of the Disability Support Grant. 405 received the Home Carer’s Allowance. Emergency Hardship Grants were awarded to 1,261 people, including home repair from flood and landslide damage.

How we support impoverished Gurkhas

Medical care for Gurkha veterans, their families and communities in Nepal

We provide an international standard of healthcare and medication to Gurkha veterans and their families living in Nepal.

Last year, thanks to you, the team treated 70,809 medical cases at our clinics and at home by mobile staff. We held two medical camps, treating a total of 804 patients.

Our medical aid

Clean water and sanitation for Nepali communities

Our water projects bring clean water and sanitation to remote communities in Nepal.

Last year, thanks to your donations and help from UK Aid, we installed 30 water projects, providing access to clean water for 1,184 households, benefiting 6,285 people.

Clean water and sanitation

A brighter future for Nepali children

Our Schools Programme builds, repairs and improves schools in remote regions of Nepal and, in turn, provides access to education and a better future for Nepali children.

We built three major schools last year, worked on 11 building extensions and 54 school refurbishments.

Our schools programme

Building earthquake-resilient homes

It’s not if another earthquake hits Nepal, it’s when. We are taking pre-emptive action by building earthquake-resilient homes for Gurkha veterans and widows.

Last year we built 101 new homes for vulnerable pensioners. We have also delivered emergency response training to our staff to improve our ability to respond in the event of a natural disaster.

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