20th March 2019

3 of the 300 homes we’re building

It’s not if another earthquake hits Nepal, it’s when.

Our recent appeal spoke of the dangers of living in Nepal, a country prone to earthquakes.

Thanks to donations from our amazing supporters, we’re taking pre-emptive action by building 300 earthquake-resilient homes for Gurkha veterans and widows over the next three years.

Drawing on lessons learned from the earthquakes in 2015, our architects have designed new quake-resilient buildings, using the following plan:

Here are just three examples of the work we’re currently carrying out:

Laying the foundations

We’ve laid the foundation for a brand new home for 82 year-old Gurkha widow Lachhima Gurungseni. She will be living with her daughter-in-law as well as two grandchildren.

A new home for a Gurkha widow

Gurkha widow Subitra Bura lives in a very remote area of the Argakachi District in central Nepal. As a result, getting materials to her home has been a challenge, but the team have persevered and should be finished within the month.

Almost there!

Gurkha widow Nayenkala Rai’s home is really excited to move into her new place. The final concrete additions are setting as we speak.

We’ll post updates on the cases above, as well as all the other brave veterans and widows who are now able to live with dignity thanks to your support.

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You can donate to our 300 homes appeal by clicking here.

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