19th June 2018

Smiling thanks to your support

If you looked at 59 year-old Kale Gurung’s wide smile, you wouldn’t know the daily struggles he has faced his whole life, living as someone who is deaf and mute in the remote hills of Nepal.

Kale Gurung

Kale’s father was Gurkha Rifleman Kharjit Gurung who bravely fought for the British Army during World War Two. Kharjit sadly passed away in 1998.

These days Kale lives in Lamagaon village, which is about a 45-minute drive from our closest Welfare Centre in Lamjung, where he lives with his brother.

Kale lives in Lamagaon village with his brother

Support from The Gurkha Welfare Trust

Without the support of a first-world health system, disabilities can pose an insurmountable obstacle in Nepal. We provide Kale with our Disability Support Grant, which is similar to the monthly Welfare Pension we provide to Gurkha veterans and widows.

We offer Disability Support Grants to vulnerable children of Gurkha veterans after the loss of their parents to ensure that they too are able to live with dignity.

Changing lives with clean water

Earlier this year we brought easily accessible clean water to Kale’s village. The people of Lamagaon village now benefit from their own individual taps, providing fresh clean water. Additionally, our social specialists visited the village to provide them with education on sanitation to keep the water source free of contamination and prevent the spread of disease.

We caught up with Mrs Bima Gurung, who lives in the village with her two year-old son Nabi:

“We used to have a communal water tap system before that was shared by nearby houses. The source was not protected properly so the water would be polluted at times.”

“The Gurkha Welfare Trust’s new water system is wonderful. We know it is safe because the water is protected at the source and we have the taps right next to our house.”

Bima Gurung, mother of 2 year-old son Nabi

Thank you

We wouldn’t be able to help vulnerable families of Gurkha heroes without kind donations from our amazing supporters. Donate today to put a smile on the face of others like Kale.

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