Community Aid

Not only do we work with impoverished Gurkha veterans, we also deliver projects to benefit their local communities.


Water and Sanitation

Our water projects bring clean water to people’s doorsteps.

We install individual tap stands and toilets for all households within a village. By ensuring a safe water source and reducing open defecation, we see sharp drops in water-borne diseases such as dysentery. Having a water source close by also reduces the burden on women and children, who traditionally spend hours collecting water each day.


School Projects

Our schools programme builds and repairs schools in remote regions of Nepal to improve access to education and in turn offer a better future to Nepali children.

One of our longest running programmes, our schools have benefitted hundreds of remote villages.



Our community aid

Water and Sanitation

Our water projects bring clean water to people's doorsteps by installing individual tap stands in people's homes.


We build and repair schools across Nepal. Our schools offer a better future to Nepali children.

Community Centres

We build communal hubs in rural villages which provide additional medical services, emergency accommodation and a setting for social events and celebrations such as Tihar

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