28th September 2018

Our month in pictures

We have had a very busy September at The Gurkha Welfare Trust. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Pension Payment Week

The beginning of September saw pension payment week at all of our Welfare Centres across Nepal. Although we offer to deliver their pensions to their homes, Gurkha pensioners travel from far and wide to our offices to collect theirs in person and chat with old comrades and friends.

Events at our Residential Homes

Nepali Father’s Day

On 9 September, our Residential Homes in the east and west of Nepal celebrated Nepali Father’s Day. Staff treat the Gurkha veterans they look after as if they are their own fathers and grandfathers.

Mamata Dewan, one of our Nurses enjoyed celebrating the day with the veterans:

“Father’s day is just an excuse, we celebrated this day to acknowledge their presence in our lives.”

Alzheimer’s Day

Father’s Day wasn’t the only event that took place at our Residential Homes. On 21 September they recognised World Alzheimer’s Day.

Water projects opened by Gurkha heroes

Finally, guests from our home in Dharan were treated like VIP guests when the local villages asked them to cut the ribbon at two of our water projects.

Women and water

We have been empowering women to get involved in the implementation of our water projects. Many women volunteer their time to help us introduce these clean water systems to their villages. We keep them involved every step of the way.

Heavy monsoon rain

As monsoon season draws to a close, our staff have been battling the aftermath.

Visiting our Welfare Pensioners at home

Despite the continuously heavy monsoon rain, we’re making every effort to provide elderly pensioners with money and medicine at their homes.

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