14th May 2019

Preparing for the Gurkha Doko Challenge

On 22 June we are hosting the Gurkha Doko Challenge in Aldershot.

Based on the traditional Gurkha Recruitment Doko race, this challenge sees a 5km run carrying a traditional Doko basket weighing either 5kg, 10kg or 15kg with a time to beat of 46 minutes.

Charlie Martin (second from left)

We caught up with event participant Charlie Martin to see how her preparation is going:

What’s your name?

Charlie Martin

What’s your occupation?

Commercial Manager at The Gurkha Museum.

Why support The Gurkha Welfare Trust?

Having been to Nepal and worked for the Museum for nearly two years I have got to know many Gurkha soldiers past and present, the GWT does great work supporting those ex-Soldiers in need in Nepal and the UK.

Did you know what a Doko basket was before the race?

Yes, we have one at The Gurkha Museum.

What weight have you chosen to run with and why?

I have gone for 10kg along with my team, it was a suggestion of my teammate Mekh who did the Doko race in Nepal 25 years ago, he’s a Gurkha so I’ll take his advice!

Have you entered as a team or an individual?

My 2019 Trailwalker team has entered together and we have decided to start and finish the race together too.

What are you most looking forward to about the challenge?

A chance to get some team training in as we haven’t found a lot of time to do that this year. Also I would like to see how we do on 5km worth of hills with 10kg on our backs!

What are you most nervous about?

I have no idea what 10kg actually weighs….it might be really heavy!

Have you started your training?

I go running and play football weekly however I haven’t achieved any hill running yet….I’m sort of burying my head in the sand on that one.

What have you done to prepare for this event?

There’s a large hill near my house with 380 steps…..you’ll mostly find me walking up and down them at weekends over the next month!

Will you have friends and family there to cheer you on?

I’m hoping my husband and kids will come along to watch, cheer and laugh.

What time are you aiming to complete the 5km in?

Our absolute quickest target is 1 hour however we’re not kidding ourselves, we know it will most likely take longer!

Interested in The Gurkha Doko Challenge? Sign up here.


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