30th April 2019

A super six tackle the London Marathon

There’s still time to support our amazing runners who took on this year’s London Marathon.

A huge thank you to the super six, who all finished in amazing times and continue to raise vital funds for our work with Gurkha veterans and widows in Nepal. So far the group have raised just over £11k and counting…

Tom Barker

Tom served in the Gurkhas himself and in his own words “knows first-hand how kind, wonderful and terrifying they are… furthermore I know the incredible debt that we owe them”.

Tom finished the race in an incredible 4:06.

“I hugely enjoyed the first 23 miles of the London Marathon, paced myself well and loved the heaving crowds, music, motivational signs (someone in Lewisham was literally holding a ‘insert motivational quote here’ sign) and truly electric atmosphere.  The final 3 miles were brutal, as my legs began to involuntarily shutdown – I barely recall crossing mile markers 24 or 25 – perhaps a little more training was required!  Overall and as my legs return to their normal compliant selves it was an amazing experience and I was deeply proud and honoured to run on behalf of your wonderful charity, supporting some of Britain’s most loyal and critically important friends.  Thank you. Jai Gurkhas, Jai 2RGR, Jai B Coy.”

Donate to Tom’s JustGiving page

Tula Limbu

Tula is a serving Gurkha and finished the race in an amazing 3:59

“Thank you ever so much for your work at The Gurkha Welfare Trust. It means a lot to us and more importantly to the veterans back home as well as here in UK.

Thank you for the T-Shirt. It really made a difference when the going was getting tougher towards the final 3rd quarter of the race. It made me dig deep and keep going. I am really happy with my finish timing and the T-Shirt I was wearing certainly played a part on it. Number of fellow runners spoke to me during the run and expressed their positive views about GWT and it was really encouraging and nice thing to know that a lot of people care about it.”

Donate to Tula’s VirginMoney page

Nathan Paulson

Nathan’s Colour Sergeant at Sandhurst was a Gurkha, who Nathan describes as “great!” He’s been supporting GWT for about a year, but very generously wanted to do something more for us. His finishing time was a thoroughly impressive 4:04

“I found the marathon an intense but deeply satisfying experience. The last three to four miles were excruciating, and I’m not sure I’d have been able to do it without the encouragement of the crowd (and the promise I’d made to my sponsors!). I wanted to run for GWT because I have myself seen how outstandingly dedicated and professional our Gurkha soldiers are, starting with my colour sergeant at Sandhurst, and consider it important and worthwhile to ensure that they can retire in security and dignity.”

Donate to Nathan’s JustGiving page

Hattie Griffith

Hattie has spent a lot of time in Nepal and is a big supporter of the Trust’s work. She previously ran Trailwalker in 2015 and also raised £8000 along with her fellow language course students doing the Doko Race and Annapurna Ultra Marathon in support of the earthquake-resilient homes we build for impoverished Gurkha veterans and widows. Her finishing time was a phenomenal 3:59.

“I absolutely loved the opportunity to take part in such an incredible fundraising event on behalf of the Gurkha Welfare Trust. The amazing atmosphere and deafening crowd meant the race flew past and it was hugely enjoyable – long haul flights to Nepal the next day not highly recommended however!”

Donate to Hattie’s JustGiving page

Tol Khamcha

Lieutenant Colonel Tol Kamcha of the Queen’s Gurkha Signals Gurkha ran the London Marathon for the second year in a row and achieved a magnificent time of 3:55.

Donate to Tol’s JustGiving page




Patrick Lynam 

Patrick finished the race in an awesome 4:15.

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