28th February 2018

We’re The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials Charity of the Year

We’re delighted to announce that we are the official charity for The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials 2018.

The world-famous trials will be taking place from 30 August to 2 September 2018 at Burghley House in Stamford, Lincolnshire. The three day event is a comprehensive test of both horse and rider.


Originally a military event, the Burghley Horse Trials draw on the requirements for a top-class officer’s charger. In the past, horses and riders were tested on their steadiness on parade, their ability to cross the countryside fast in battle and their fitness and toughness to continue with duties after a strenuous day.

The Burghley Horse Trials was once a military event

Nowadays, all three tests have become more technically demanding and there’s little emphasis on suitability for battle! After taking part in all three tests, the horse and rider with the lowest number of penalties at the end is the winner.

All three tests have become increasingly technically demanding over the years

Charity Partner

Elizabeth Inman, the Event Director at Burghley Horse Trials commented:

“We were very pleased to receive so many quality applications [for charity of the year] and are thrilled to be supporting the Gurkhas in such a poignant year.”

“We hope that our partnership will help The Gurkha Welfare Trust’s work for this incredible group of people who have earned no less than 13 Victoria Crosses.”

Samantha Cherrington, our Head of Fundraising added:

“We are so delighted to be partnering with Land Rover Burghley in 2018. For over 200 years the Gurkhas have served in the British Army and we work to ensure that their veterans, their widows and their wider communities are able to live their lives with dignity when they return to their home country of Nepal.”

“By partnering with Land Rover Burghley we hope to reach others who can help us in our mission to repay our country’s debt of honour to these brave men.”

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