5th February 2018

Leaving a legacy: our Book of Honour

Leaving a Legacy in your Will is an incredible thing. We want to commemorate that.

Gifts in Wills provide funds to pay for vital Welfare Pensions, to care for the vulnerable and to provide emergency relief in times of disaster and extreme hardship.

Our Book of Honour

To recognise the amazing gifts supporters have left us, we’ll be printing their names in our legacy Book of Honour. Our Book will be on display in our UK Head Office in Salisbury, where family members can look and take a copy of the page with their loved one’s name home with them.

We’ll also regularly update our digital version of the Book. Friends and family will be able to download and print their loved one’s page. The digital version of the Book can be found here.

The Book of Honour will display the names of everyone who has passed away since 1 July 2017, the beginning of our financial year.

Please contact our Legacy Consultant, Hayley Spencer, if you require any information regarding the Book.

Thank you Mr Randall

Trevor Randall

Pictured here is the late Trevor Randall who always had a great admiration for Gurkha soldiers.

Trevor sadly passed away in August 2017. In his Will he left a gift to The Gurkha Welfare Trust. This kind gesture has helped us ensure that our brave Gurkha veterans, many of whom also fought in World War Two, are equipped with the means to live their lives with dignity in their homeland in Nepal.

Trevor’s sister and brother in law are delighted that his name will be in our Book of Honour. We thank them for allowing us to share his story.

Mr Randall flying his model plane in the 1960s

To find out more about how you can leave a legacy, please click here.

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