24th February 2021

Homes for the bravest of the brave: what your donations look like

For our Gurkha veterans and their widows, home is becoming ever more important in their later years.

You may have recently received our latest fundraising appeal as we work hard to make sure Gurkha veterans and widows have all the amenities they need to make a house a home.

For some, that might be a new earthquake-resilient home. For others, it could be a roof repair, a new smokeless stove, or brand new bedding. It’s all about giving our veterans the home they need after they’ve given so much throughout their lives.

Our Deputy Field Director and former Gurkha Yam Bahadur Rana states:

“Growing up in Nepal, I understand the kinds of challenges that our veterans face. Their homes tend to be extremely makeshift and need continual repairs to keep the elements out.”

“I recall my father having to repair our home every year – especially after the damage caused by the wind and landslides during monsoon season. The villagers used to help each other, but the building materials were fairly basic and limited to what they could find in the surrounding fields.”

Here’s just three of the Gurkha veterans who moved into their new homes last year, thanks to your donations:

Rifleman Budhiman Limbu

Buddhiman Limbu served with the 10th Gurkha Rifles in Malaya.

The brave veteran was living with his wife Rupmaya in an old house made of wood, bamboo and CGI roof. At one point, the house was greatly damaged by a fallen tree, and it would certainly have collapsed in an earthquake.

“I am extremely happy with my new home.”

“I would like to thank The Gurkha Welfare Trust’s supporters and wish the best for them. This is a good deed that you have done.”

Rifleman Kerbahadur Ghale

Kerbahadur Ghale is a World War Two veteran, serving with the 3rd Gurkha Rifles, originally a Gurkha regiment of the British Indian Army.

He used to share a room with his grandsons as there was not enough room in his old house. He greatly appreciates his safe new home, which he moved into last summer.

“The British have compassion for us.”

“I like my house. Thank you.”

Rifleman Uttamkumar Rai

Uttamkumar served with the 7th Gurkha Rifles in Malaya, Borneo and Hong Kong.

The Gurkha veteran’s home was in desperate need of rebuilding. The veteran had been living in a single room with his wife for over 20 years. The house was basic and made of bamboo. There were holes in the roof which leaked. The new earthquake-resilient house was completed during summer 2020. We were delighted to move Uttamkumar and his wife into their new home.

“I am very happy and thankful to the British people. They have made a very beautiful house for me.”

To help us give more Gurkha veterans and widows a safe place to call home, please donate today.


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