9th May 2022

The first ever Gurkha Teddy Bear Auction

The Gurkha Welfare Trust’s supporters have been hard at work dressing adorable teddy bears in a Gurkha or Nepali theme ready for the first ever Teddy Bear Auction.

Community Fundraising Officer Helen Read commented:

“It has been very difficult these last couple of years to raise money for our work in Nepal. With all the lockdowns and restrictions, it has just not been possible for people to hold tea parties and garden galas like they have in previous years.

Thankfully our supporters are AMAZING and understand that the money they raise is essential to support Gurkha veterans and their families in Nepal. As a result, I was so delighted when so many chose to support us through our Teddy Bear Auction!”

There are a variety of bears on offer, each meticulously decorated, from female bears in beautiful sari’s to bears in traditional Nepali dress with matching Topi hat. There is a Gurkha recruit bear carrying a Doko basket and others bearing the famous crossed kukris mark.

Bid on your bear

There are 19 bears up for auction in total. You can see them all now and they can be bid on from Monday 16th May at www.jumblebee.co.uk/GWTteddybearauction

The money raised will help support Gurkha veterans, families and communities in Nepal.


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