28th April 2022

Life-changing treatment at our Medical Camp in Diktel

The Gurkha Welfare Trust’s free Medical Camps are highly-regarded in Nepal, with some villagers in remote communities travelling for days to access our first-class treatment. For many, this is the only medical assistance they receive.

Our most recent Medical Camp in Diktel, in the hilly district of Khotang, was another great success. We aided 610 patients with medical check-ups and physiotherapy, and provided 331 patients with specialist treatment in eye, ear, and prosthesis care.

Helping young Sandip walk again

Thirteen-year-old Sandip Rai is from a remote village near Diktel called Khotehang. When Sandip was a baby, a tragic accident resulted in the amputation of his leg. He came to the GWT’s Medical Camp to be fitted for a new prosthetic, so he can walk freely and better enjoy his childhood.

“I study in class six at Pancha Secondary School,” Sandip said. “My leg was burnt when I was five or six months old. I met an elder a few days back who told me that a free medical camp is being held here.”

“They took the measurements for my leg today. They also gave me a new set of crutches. When I get the new legs, I want to travel all over!”

Restoring Nabin’s sight

Nabin Rai spent some years overseas to earn a living. When he returned to Nepal a few years ago, he developed a white spot in his right eye.

“My name is Nabin Rai, I am 37 years old. I am from Indreni Pokhari. It took about 4 hours by bus to get here. I came to know about the camp from the village health post. I have had a white spot in my right eye for four months.

“I used to work as a welder overseas and a metal object had lodged into my eye. The object was taken out two days later after an operation. I think it is the reason for my current situation. The doctors have told me that it needs to be operated on again. The procedure is free of cost.”

The day after his operation, we checked in on Nabin to see how he was feeling. He was thrilled to share that he can see clearly out of his right eye again.

“I wasn’t sure if the operation was going to be successful. But I can see now. I am really happy. I hope that I am able to see like this in the future.

“I want to thank The Gurkha Welfare Trust for bringing back my vision. I hope you will continue to help people like me in the coming days as well. Namaste!”

A new prosthetic for Yubaraj

Yubaraj Bahadur Rai’s father, the late Man Bahadur Rai, enlisted into the British Army with the 10th Gurkha Rifles in 1964. Through the years we provided Man Bahadur with a pension and medical care, until he passed away in 2016. Now, we are honouring his legacy by continuing to support his family in their times of need.

When Yubaraj was younger and went to work overseas, he suffered an accident that resulted in the amputation of his leg. We provide Yubaraj with a Disability Support Grant so that he can afford life’s essentials.

“The grant is the very means for my livelihood,” Yubaraj said. “Without it, it would have been difficult for a person like me to support my family. I have a wife, a son and a daughter. We live in Lichki Ramche, Khotehang. It takes about six hours drive by vehicle to get here.”

Yubaraj came to our Medical Camp in Diktel to be fitted for a new prosthetic leg.

“The GWT called me and even arranged for a vehicle to get me to this Medical Camp,” he said. “They took the measurements today. They have told me that I will be informed when the leg is ready so that I can come and have it fitted.

“I am happy from my heart that you are providing this service to people like us. I hope that I will be able to walk about easily.”

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