28th March 2021

Everyone deserves a safe place to live

Your support has helped us build over 1,500 new homes for Gurkha veterans and widows since the major earthquake in 2015.

Watch our video to find out the impact these new homes have had on their lives.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but also one of the most dangerous. Environmental catastrophes, mountainous terrain, and even a lack of internet connection create daily obstacles for those living there. As our pensioners grow older, the barriers become insurmountable. That’s why it’s so important that we are out there protecting them in any way that we can.

By building new homes for our most vulnerable Gurkha veterans and widows, we are able to protect them from monsoon flooding and landslides, and the threat of earthquakes. Donations from our supporters also allow us to give them everything they need to make a house a home, allowing us to give these brave people the dignity they deserve.

Despite COVID-19 lockdown measures caused, we have still been able to move brave veterans and their families into their homes safely. Pictured below is Rifleman Konkabahadur Rai, who served with the 7th Gurkha Rifles in Malaya, Borneo and Hong Kong and was involved in the Borneo Conflict.

Along with his wife Dutimani, Konkhabahadur was living in a very old house made of wood, mud, and stone, damaged by 2015’s earthquake.

Since the village the couple lives in is remote, it was particularly difficult to reach them to build their new home last year – we even had to construct it with locally available materials, including wooden banding.

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