22nd August 2019

Children celebrate water at the turn of a tap

In Nepal 10.8 million people still do not have access to improved sanitation, and 3.5 million lack access to basic water services.

Villagers, often women and children, walk for hours to collect water from potentially dangerous sources. *
*Source: UNICEF 

Access to clean water is often something we take for granted in the UK. We don’t have to traverse mountainous terrain to collect water, which could make us sick or even kill us. Instead, we just turn on a tap. We believe the people of Nepal deserve the same.

A brighter future for children in Jorpokhari

Earlier this year, we finished building taps for 160 households in Jorpokhari, located in the Panchthar District of Nepal. These taps are connected to a clean water source, meaning that the 853 people who live in the village now have access to clean water on their doorstep.

No longer will these children have to spend hours queuing for water with their mothers and fathers. And no longer will they have to worry about contracting a waterborne disease every time they need a drink. Instead, they’ll have more time to focus on their education.

If you would like to make a donation to help us continue to bring clean water to Nepal, please click here.


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