23rd August 2021

Celebrating World Water Week

Water plays a crucial role in many aspects of our lives

Yet it is easy to take for granted access to clean water whenever we need it. Imagine not being able to just turn on a tap when you are thirsty.

Traditionally, women and children in Nepal have spent hours collecting water each day. This is a tremendous burden that disrupts women’s ability to work and children’s ability to receive an education. Without a safe water supply they also face poor hygiene and the risk of disease.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust is helping to bring clean water and improve sanitation in remote villages in Nepal. This includes installing tap stands in villages and schools, building toilet blocks, providing education on hygiene and sanitation.

In the past year, we have carried out 36 water projects, benefitting 13,405 Nepalis across 2,491 households.

With easy access to clean water, Nepali residents no longer have to risk their health and safety by gathering water from canals, an unsafe practice that puts them at risk of catching waterborne diseases.

During this year’s World Water Week, we want to raise awareness of how water fuels communities, and some of the life-changing water projects we have completed in Nepal.

Most recently, our team finished a project in the village of Mustang, where each household now has a tap stand for easy access to clean and safe water.


In the town of Bardibas, there was no shortage of smiles as families celebrated the installation of their brand-new tap stands.


Of course, access to clean water has been more important than ever in combating the spread of Covid-19. Earlier in the year, the GWT partnered with UK Aid to deliver hand-washing stations to schools, healthcare facilities, and municipal buildings across Nepal in an effort to increase hand hygiene.


In the next year, we aim to complete 83 more water projects. The 5,172 tap stands we plan to install will bring clean drinking water to 26,910 villagers in 5,037 households across Nepal’s rural regions. Our efforts to bring clean water to those in need would not be possible without the incredible generosity of our supporters. Thank you!

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