29th August 2019

August: Our month in pictures

Healthcare in the hilltops

We provide an international standard of healthcare and medication to Gurkha veterans and their families living in Nepal.

Our doctors and nurses have been travelling via 4×4, motorbike and on foot to reach Gurkha pensioners who live in the most remote corners of the mountainous country. Often they can be on the road for many days at a time.

Visiting Gurkha veterans and widows at home

It’s not just our doctors and nurses who have been venturing across Nepal. Our welfare staff have been travelling alongside them delivering a package of care to Gurkha veterans and widows to ensure they can live with dignity.

Reaching the bravest of the brave

Despite the hazardous conditions, we have been doing whatever it takes to reach those who need us the most.

 A fun day out of the Residential Home

Gurkha veterans and widows from one of our Residential Homes in Nepal spent a day making memories at a local fun park this month.

Changing lives with clean water

Villagers, often women and children, walk and queue for hours to collect water from potentially dangerous sources. By providing easy access to clean water, we reduce the burden on women and children, who traditionally spend hours collecting water each day.

Read about how clean water has changed the lives of children living in Jorpokhari.

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