Trusts & Foundations

Trusts & Foundations

Supporting us

If you’re interested in supporting elderly Gurkha veterans and their communities, we’d be delighted to work with your Charitable Trust or Foundation.

You can donate towards our general funds or, if you prefer, we may be able to offer a bespoke programme to meet your funding criteria. For any partnership, we’ll keep you updated as per any reporting requirements you might have.

Special thanks

The Gurkha Welfare Trust Jersey

We are continually grateful to The Gurkha Welfare Trust Jersey for their tireless efforts in raising funds from Jersey islanders and grant makers on our behalf. Last year, together with Jersey Overseas Aid, they funded a community hall building project and three new water systems in Nepal, changing the lives of more than 4,000 people for the better.

The village of Bhawang is extremely remote and is a 12 hour drive from our nearest Welfare Centre in Butwal, and 36 hours from our Headquarters in Pokhara. Thanks to The Gurkha Welfare Trust Jersey and Jersey Overseas Aid, we were able to bring clean water to the 45 families living there.

Bhawang village before

Bhawang village now

Read more about the Bhawang village water project here.

We’d also like to highlight the following Trusts and Foundations for their very generous support of our work…

• The Michael Uren Foundation

• The Queen Mary’s Roehampton Trust

• Search Charitable Foundation Ltd

• The Hadley Trust


• The Eranda Rothschild Foundation

• Rosalbe Trust

• Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund

• The Eucalyptus Charitable Foundation

• C. A. Redfern Charitable Foundation

• The AEB Charitable Trust

  • 13:01 PM, 04 Jul 2022At 93 years old, Rifleman Angat Bahadur Rai is no longer able to make the journey to our nearest Area Welfare Centr…

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