8th January 2020

Where does my donation go?

Last year, for every £1 donated to the Trust, 2.3p was spent on fundraising (including management of our investments) and 97.7p on charitable activities.

The following synopsis is taken from the newly published 2018/19 Annual Report & Accounts and details the effectiveness with which we handle donations to the Trust.

We pride ourselves on transparency

Our money is raised by The Gurkha Welfare Trust in the UK and spent by The Gurkha Welfare Trust in Nepal. We also part fund two advice centres in the UK for veterans and their families choosing to settle here. Having recently celebrated our 50th Anniversary we are a well-established, well-respected and effective charity transforming the lives of Gurkha veterans, their families and communities

As a charity we have around 20 staff in the UK providing the charity’s corporate management and fundraising and over 450 staff in Nepal delivering our vital work.

How much of my donation goes to Nepal?

As a charity we are able to ensure that almost every penny donated to our work goes straight to Nepal.

We do this by keeping our fundraising expenditure low and through effective management of our funds. Last year (18/19) our investments earned the Trust around £2.3m which almost entirely covers the £2.7m we spent on fundraising (including the management of our investments) in the UK. As a result we are able to guarantee that 97.7% of money donated to the Trust is spent on our charitable activities.

Donations to the Trust do not pass through any other organisation in Nepal and go straight to where they are needed.

How much do you spend on fundraising?

Last year we spent £2.7M on fundraising (including management of our investments) in the UK, representing 13% of our total spend as an organisation.

Though our spend on fundraising is low, it doesn’t make it any less effective. Last year for every £1 we spent on raising funds we brought in £5.50 to support Gurkha veterans, their families and communities.