19th June 2017

UK Gurkha communities come together for Nepal

Gurkhas are well known for having a strong sense of community. As such, many former soldiers who settle in the UK are keen to get involved in charity projects in their local area.

For many years, the British Gurkha Nepalese Community (BGNC) in Catterick & Darlington has been especially supportive of our work.

The group recently partnered with the Hindu Cultural Society to fund a health post we’ve been building in Balabesi, a remote village towards the east of Nepal. Work should be finished on the project this month.

Healthcare in rural Nepal

The previous health post in Balabesi was seriously damaged during the earthquakes of 2015 and had to be demolished. The destruction left the entire local community – some of whom are pictured above – without medical facilities. Access to healthcare became incredibly difficult as the nearest hospital is over 30km away.

Around 4,000 people across four villages will benefit from the new health post. When the project is complete, it will have a waiting area, store and dispensary, along with an office, examination room and toilet facilities.

UK communities united for Nepal

For many years, the BGNC has worked closely alongside our Yorkshire volunteer branch. Their efforts have included raising money via street collections, selling raffle tickets and helping to organise the annual concert of the Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas.

Former GWT beneficiaries raise funds for the charity that once supported them after moving to the UK


Lieutenant Colonel Keith Ryding, Chairman of our Yorkshire branch, recently presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the group for their tireless support. He commented:

The BGNC has been incredible. Their help has enabled us to raise over £20,000 each year for GWT for at least the past 20 years.

In total, the Yorkshire branch has contributed an incredible £500,000 to our work. They could not have achieved this without the Catterick & Darlington community’s hard work.

Lieutenant Colonel Keith Ryding presenting the Certificate of Appreciation to Captain (Retd) Rambahadur Malla, BGNC Chairman


Captain (Retd) Rambahadur Malla, a former Gurkha with over 26 years of service as well as a reservist for the British Army, is the community’s current Chairperson. He said:

We are very familiar with the excellent work the Trust is doing for our fellow veterans and our communities back in Nepal. We hope to see them continue such support for many years to come.

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