8th April 2019

Teaming up with REME to keep our team on the road

Every year a team from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) come to Nepal

They assist us with the reparation and servicing of our equipment and our fleet of vehicles.

With many of the vulnerable Gurkha veterans and widows we care for living in remote locations, the state of our vehicles is of paramount importance. Without a working motorbike or 4×4 our Pensioner Support Teams can’t get out there to deliver their work.

The team spent one month with us this year and visited each of our key Area Welfare Centres across Nepal. The key Centres are where our teams deploy from when traveling around their relevant ‘cluster’ to deliver aid, marked on the map below. (Click to enlarge)


This year the team were accompanied by Combat Medic Scott Berryman, who serves in the Royal Army Medical Corp. He was kind enough to share a few words and some photos from his trip

“I was given the opportunity to join 2 CS Battalion REME in their exercise to Nepal this year and certainly jumped at the offer.”

“Our task – one that they perform annually – was to assist the Gurkha Welfare Trust in maintaining their fleet in Nepal.”

“As the medic, it was my role to look after the health of the troops; however, owing to their ability to remain un-injured I was set to task repairing and maintaining vehicles ranging from moped scooters to Land Rovers.”

Nepal was a fantastic opportunity, and it was certainly wonderful to see first hand the work of the GWT. Our travels took us almost everywhere from Pokhara to Damak, with the GWT being the most fantastic hosts. I will certainly find myself returning to Nepal in the future, although likely as a tourist.”

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