13th July 2018

A snapshot of a Gurkha widow’s life in the hills

Dhanadevi Bista is the widow of a Gurkha veteran.

Dhanadevi lives in an incredibly remote village in the foothills of the Himalayas. Her home is hundreds of miles away from any other pensioner that we look after.

In fact, it takes us a day and a half to drive to her house from the nearest Welfare Centre. The journey crosses five of Nepal’s Districts.

Dhanadevi has one son and three daughters. Her son alone has nine children and 11 grandchildren!

She’s opted to receive her Welfare Pension from a bank as this is the easiest way for her to receive funds.

On our last visit to Dhanadevi’s home, we found that the roof is unstable. We’re currently assessing how we can provide an earthquake-resilient home for her.

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