29th November 2018

November: Our month in pictures

Remembrance Sunday

On Armistice Day, staff and Gurkha veterans paid their respects to fallen soldiers 100 years from the end of World War One.


At the beginning of November, week-long Tihar celebrations took place in our Residential Homes, Welfare Centres & in the homes of Gurkha veterans and their families.

On the second day, our Residential Home in Dharan celebrated Kukur Tihar, where dogs are honoured for their loyalty and friendship.

Bringing aid to the homes of Gurkha veterans and widows

Throughout November, our Pensioner Support Teams travelled across Nepal visiting the homes of vulnerable Gurkha veterans and widows.

World Toilet Day

19 November saw World Toilet Day.

When nature calls, we need a toilet. But billions of people in the world don’t have one. We’re helping put a stop to this problem in Nepal.

Part of our programme is ensuring that the homes of Gurkha veterans and their families each have their own toilet. We’re also working to install gender-separate toilets in all of our schools.

“The Gurkha Welfare Trust has brought a positive impact among community members by bringing clean water and building toilets in our village.”

-Sita Khadaka (Headmaster, Shree Bhumika Primary School)

Pension collection at our Welfare Centres

The beginning of November saw pension payment week at all of our Welfare Centres across Nepal. Although we offer to deliver their pensions to their homes, many Gurkha pensioners travel from far and wide to our offices to collect theirs in person and chat with old comrades and friends.

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