8th January 2019

“My grandchildren are my vehicle!”

Lachimi Kumri Rai is 93 years-old…

…and we’ve been paying her a Welfare Pension for over 20 years since her husband, Gurkha veteran Rifleman Jabarbahadur Rai, sadly passed away. Jai served in 7th Gurkha Rifles during World War Two but was released when the Army downsized in 1947.

Our Welfare Pension

Our Welfare Pension is paid to those who didn’t serve the fifteen years required to receive a standard British Army pension. When a Gurkha passes away, this is transferred to their widow – in recognition of the fearless service their husbands gave to the British Army as Gurkha soldiers.

How we help Lachimi

Many of our Welfare Pensioners in the hills of Nepal opt to have their Welfare Pensions delivered to their home by our dedicated Pensioner Support Teams. For many this is a welcome service but for some, like Lachimi, they enjoy going down to our offices as a social occasion to meet with old friends over a cup of tea.

For Lachimi that means a three day journey to our Welfare Centre in Diktel. Amazed, our staff asked why she hadn’t arrived by vehicle.

“I have!” she exclaimed – pointing at her two grandsons Airaj (14) and Bhimbahdur (17).

The two boys took turns to carry her throughout the journey before stopping for a well-earned rest at our Centre!

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