9th December 2019

In photos: Gurkha veteran Man Bahadur Khadka

97 year-old Man Bahadur Khadka lives with his son and daughter in an earthquake-resilient home we built for him last year.

We built a brand-new earthquake resilient home for Man Bahadur and his family last year, including an outdoor toilet building.

Our Pensioner Support Teams regularly journey into the hills of Nepal on their motorbikes to visit the veteran who bravely fought alongside Britain during World War Two. We make sure he gets his Welfare Pension and any medicine he needs. One of our doctors also provides him with a full healthcare check up.

Our Pensioner Support Teams regularly journey to Man Bahadur’s home to deliver his Welfare Pension and check his health.

Man Bahadur’s son is his full-time carer. As this is a full-time job in itself, we make sure he receives our Home Care Allowance grant so we can support him looking after his father. At 72 years-old, this has become a difficult task:

“I’m getting old and feel pain on my body. But my father is strong and doesn’t complain.”

We recently delivered a wheelchair with commode to Man Bahadur to make things easier for his son, who would regularly carry his father on his back.

We delivered a wheelchair for Man Bahadur so that his son would no longer need to carry him on his back.

To find out more about how we’re helping brave Gurkha veterans like Man Bahadur, please click here.

We support more than 4,000 Gurkha veterans and widows across Nepal.

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