27th September 2021

A lifeline for Gurkhas living with a disability

Supporting the disabled children of Gurkha veterans

Life in Nepal can be challenging, especially for those with disabilities. The Gurkha Welfare Trust provides disabled children of Gurkha soldiers with a Disability Support Grant because we understand that without medical and financial support, the challenges brought on by a disability could become insurmountable.

Supporting two sisters

Dankumari Limbu, the daughter of Rifleman Ratnaman Limbu, is unable to walk fully upright due to a congenital disorder in her hip joint. She is unable to carry things and cannot earn a living for herself; her sister is also disabled and unable to work. The Disability Support Grant is their lifeline, ensuring they can afford food and other essentials.

When we first started assisting Dankumari and her sister, the two were living in a bamboo hut that leaked during the monsoon season. When we learned of this, we built the sisters an earthquake-resilient home. We also have plans to build a tap stand in front of their home, so that they never need to struggle finding clean and safe water again.

In addition to the Disability Support Grant, we ensure Dankumari and her sister receive regular medical check-ups.

“I am very grateful and thankful to the donors for the support I receive,” Dankumari said.

The grant helps me with everything

Karnabahadur Rai is the son of Rifleman Rajdhan Rai, who served in the 10th Gurkha Rifles. At 4 months old, Karnabahadur tragically suffered severe burns that led to the amputation of his right leg below the knee. The burns also disfigured his right hand and left foot. Even with his prosthetic leg, it is difficult for him to walk and perform everyday tasks.

“The grant helps me in everything. Before I used to make ‘Dali’ (a basket made of bamboo), but now I cannot so [the Disability Support Grant] is very helpful.”

Delivering care

Soma Thapa is the daughter of late Rifleman Krisnalal Thapa, who served in the 2nd Gurkha Rifles. She was born hard of hearing and has difficulty speaking.

Soma is cared for by her cousin’s family, who communicate with her in sign language. We regularly check in on her to deliver financial and medical care.

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