21st September 2021

Building a brighter future for Nepal’s children

All children deserve a safe place to learn, make friends, and enjoy their childhood.

With the completion of our latest school renovation, 641 pupils who attend Shree Malawar Devi Secondary School will benefit from a safer, more comfortable learning environment where they can thrive.

Time to rebuild

Before our intervention, Shree Malawar Devi suffered from severely overcrowded classrooms. Though the school had 19 classrooms, seven were deemed unsafe and in subsidence. This meant that only 12 classrooms could be used, holding up to 70 students at a time.

To address these issues, our team built 12 new classrooms, refurbished three rooms, updated the library, established a community centre, and built a perimeter fence.

The school before renovation

New two-storey classroom block and new toilet block

These enhancements will allow Shree Malawar Devi School to accept more pupils and teach in smaller classes. School staff can also expand to teach years 11 and 12, allowing students in the area to access the equivalent to sixth form education for the first time.

Refurbished classrooms – before and after

Refurbished toilet block – before and after

Improving girls’ attendance

Shree Malawar Devi School also did not have gender-separate toilets, which had a far-reaching impact on girls’ education. Many girls felt they could not attend school while they were menstruating, which caused them to fall behind in lessons.

To remedy this, we built gender separate toilet blocks and handwashing facilities. We also provided female students with washable sanitary pads and feminine hygiene training.

Our hope is that these changes will allow young girls to feel more comfortable and confident attending school, enabling them to excel in their studies.

Your impact

For over 25 years, our school renovation programme has improved access to education for over 600,000 students, offering them a brighter future. None of this would be possible without the dedication and support of our donors – so we, and the students whose lives you’ve helped change, say “Dhanyabad.”

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