12th December 2018

A Gurkha widow asked us for help. Watch what happened next.

80 year-old Gurkha widow Nandakali Khatri asked us if her home could be painted…

…and we saw an opportunity for our headquarters staff to get their hands dirty!

Take a look at our video to see the team in action:

Improving the earthquake-resilient home

Like many Gurkha veterans and widows, Nandakali Khatri’s house was destroyed by the 2015 earthquakes. As part of our rebuilding efforts, we built her a new earthquake-resilient home in 2016.

When staff visited her recently, she asked if it would be possible for her home to be painted, and also needed some help with some of the electrics.

We discussed this case at our Headquarters in Pokhara and a plan came together for staff members to donate their time and manpower to get the job done as soon as possible.


Our staff were happy to help. Though the request itself was not unique, the fact that Nandakali lives so close to our headquarters meant that we could put our HQ staff on the job!

Nandakali was elated:

“This is wonderful! It’s wonderful that so many of you have come to help me. I am very lucky.”

Our Deputy Field Director Major (ret’d) Hemchandra Rai MBE BEM commented:

“Thank you to all involved. I was extremely happy to see so many staff members participating!”

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