6th September 2021

Celebrating Dashain Festival with a special treat

In October many of our Gurkha veterans, staff and their families celebrate the Hindu Festival of Dashain. Dashain is the most auspicious festival in the Nepali Hindu calendar and commemorates goddess Durgar’s victory over the demon Mahishasura. It’s a time for family reunions and enjoying feasts together while exchanging gifts and blessings.

To help them celebrate this year our pensioners will receive an extra allowance to spend on their families.

During this annual festival, parents and grandparents give small sums of money as a gift to their children and grandchildren. This is known as a Dakshina. It is a special opportunity for families to show they care. This year, we are creating a special Festival Allowance so that our veterans and widows can give their younger relatives Dakshina without having to take the money out of the pension we pay them. It’s a wonderful way to ensure they can celebrate this traditional festival by treating their loved ones.

This year all our Welfare Pensioners will receive a Festival Allowance of £13.33 in September.

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