24th June 2022

An Everest adventure in aid of Gurkha veterans

Setting off to climb Everest Basecamp is a massive feat – made all the more impressive when the adventure is used to fundraise for charity!

That’s exactly what some of our supporters did earlier this year. While Ellie, Naomi, Alison, and Leah were training for their ascent to Everest Basecamp, they were also raising funds for our vital work in Nepal.

Ellie, Naomi, and Alison took on their charity challenge through tour company Discover Adventure, while 13-year-old Leah and her father made their own trip to Nepal. At the end of their journeys, all of the adventurers raised an incredible £4,670 for the Trust.

After they returned from Nepal, we asked our intrepid supporters about their experience.

What inspired you to fundraise for The Gurkha Welfare Trust?

Alison: We wanted to support a charity that had a connection between the UK and Nepal. As the Gurkhas have strong links with the UK, we felt it was right to support them and their communities.

How did you feel in the days leading up to your trip to Nepal? Did you do any training?

Naomi: We felt nothing but excitement that our trip to Nepal was eventually going ahead, particularly after the delays presented by the pandemic. Luckily, we both have underlying fitness which we relied on. We kept up with our usual actives, and maybe threw in a few longer walks. It’s hard to train for altitude when you live at sea level!

What were some of your favourite and most memorable moments from the hike to Everest Base Camp?

Alison: There were so many favourite moments and memories. Washing our hair in the glacier runoff water at Dingboche felt fantastic! The flight into Lukla, a beer at Namche, playing with the local children with their families looking on and laughing at the excitement…everything was amazing, and even the most challenging moments were part of the achievement.

How did you feel when you finally reached Base Camp and stood on the famed boulder?

Leah: It felt amazing! I was so proud I’d achieved my mission, but I was even more ecstatic that all the generous donations and support I’d received was really going to make a difference. Life can be tough in Nepal. Some people there had so little but appeared so happy.

Do you have any advice for others out there who want to take on an Everest Base Camp fundraising challenge? 

Ellie: My advice to anyone who is thinking of doing this, do it! You can’t truly understand the beauty of the country until you have been there, and you will fall in love.


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