15th July 2019

Deadly monsoon in Nepal

Heavier rains than usual cause substantial flooding.

Dozens of people have been killed and many are missing following heavy monsoon rains which continue to batter much of Nepal and northern India. The resulting floodwaters have affected millions.

To date there have been no reports of casualties among the Gurkha community but checks are being made by our team across the country. That said, we know many of their homes and crops will have suffered in the rain and we stand ready to support them.

Our own offices have not been immune to the conditions. Currently our Area Welfare Centre in Diktel is the worst affected. The rain is still coming down there and as a result the telephones and electricity supplies are down. All staff are accounted for.

Landslides affect our schools

Over the weekend we received some alarming news from two of our school projects – Shree Janajagriti Primary School in Bhojpur and Shree Himalaya HSS in Gorkha have both suffered substantial landslides. The new buildings we constructed for them have survived and repairs will be possible. Thankfully no children were present – with the school closed for the rainy season.


Our resilient team

Though we can predict that a monsoon season will occur in Nepal every year we can’t predict the severity with which it strikes. Our team are equipped to deal with every eventuality and have all-terrain vehicles and off-road motorbikes at their disposal. Where the rain continues for 24 hours or more we aim to reach out to all of our most vulnerable Gurkha veterans – either via satellite phone or by visiting, to ensure that they are safe.

You can read about how our resilient staff overcome the obstacles of the monsoon in our article ‘5 ways Nepal’s monsoon season affects our work‘.


We need your help

The extra hazard of rains and floods mean we desperately need extra resources. There are thousands of Gurkha veterans and widows in Nepal and many of them are at risk in conditions like these. It is vital that we can reach them and ensure they are equipped to face the difficult month ahead.

Please help by donating what you can. Please stay up-to-date with our work during the monsoon on the news page of our website and via our Facebook page.


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