28th April 2019

April: Our month in pictures

Nepali New Year

On Sunday 14 April, we celebrated Nepali New Year. Happy 2076! The Nepali calendar is 67 years and 8.5 months ahead of the UK.

Our Residential Homes celebrated in style. In Pokhara, they had a party and in Dharan, a day out.

Home building

Thanks to donations from our amazing supporters, we’re taking pre-emptive action by building 300 earthquake-resilient homes for Gurkha veterans and widows over the next three years.

Visiting pensioners at their homes

Throughout April, our Pensioner Support Teams travelled across Nepal visiting the homes of vulnerable Gurkha veterans and widows.

Communities working together

We’ve been bringing water to rural parts of Nepal for years. But that’s not all our water teams achieve. They also educate villagers about sanitation and even teach them how they can use clean water systems to grow their own vegetables.

Rural village communities in Chitwan and Gorkha have been working together to do just that.

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