7th October 2019

The Last Overland have reached Nepal

The Last Overland Expedition famously drove a Land Rover from the UK to Singapore back in 1955.

Filmmaker Alex Bescoby along with the grandson of Tim, an original member of The Last Overland Team, is attempting the same 16,000km journey in the same vehicle, raising money for a number of charities, including us. They’re currently travelling through Nepal and we’ve been delighted to welcome them at our Welfare Centres along the way.

According to Alex, it has been a successful trip so far:

“The journey has been incredible. The response has been amazing and we are very happy to be here in Pokhara.”

“We’ve travelled almost 6,000km to get here to Pokhara. We’ve gone through all sorts of terrain, six different countries, all kinds of weather.”

After travelling through the Indian border via our Welfare Centres in Darjeeling, India and Damak, Nepal, the team set off to visit our headquarters, eager to meet some of our Gurkha veterans and find out how we’re helping them.

“For 200 years men from Nepal have been volunteering to fight for Britain all over the world and it’s amazing to see what they’re doing to look after those brave men.”

The first stop for the team was our Welfare Centre in Kaski, where a pension payment day was taking place. Alex was particularly impressed at the standard of our medical facilities:

“The facilities there are frankly better than what I have back have back in Manchester.”

“It was like a little corner of England and it was amazing to see these veterans and their widows get the treatment they deserve so well done to the Trust.”

One of the Gurkha pensioners who greeted them at the Welfare Centre was Tekbahadur Thapa. A veteran who once served in the Gurkha Transport Regiment, the vehicle reminded him of Land Rovers from his time in the Army. He was keen to get inside and take a look!

Former Army Driver Tekbahadur Thapa was keen to get inside the vehicle and take a look.

The Last Overland team are attempting the same journey in the same vehicle from 1955.

Next, Alex and the team visited pensioners at our Residential Home in Kaski where they met Rifleman Chamar Gurung, a World War Two veteran.

Alex and the team visited our Residential Home in Pokhara, Nepal.

After the Residential Home, they set off to the home of Lal Bahadur Gurung, who we believe at 106 years of age, is the oldest Gurkha in Nepal.

Later that day, they met Lalbahadur Gurung, (possibly) the oldest Gurkha in Nepal.

Their fourth and final stop near Pokhara was the home of Sunkumari Gurung, the widow of Birbahadur Gurung who bravely fought in the 6th Gurkha Rifles.

Sunkumari Gurung is the widow of a Gurkha veteran.

We built a brand-new home for Sunkumari earlier this year. Thanks to donations from our fantastic supporters, we’re taking pre-emptive action by building earthquake-resilient homes for our most vulnerable Gurkha veterans and widows.

Sunkumari is delighted with her new home.

“This is the nicest house in the area. My neighbours are jealous!”

Alex added:

“The Trust have done an amazing job and I know they’re building 100 houses a year using the money you guys donate so please keep it coming because those houses are much appreciated as I learnt today.”

We’re building 300 earthquake resilient homes for Gurkha veterans and widows.

Alex and the team are now on their way to the Chinese border. Stay up to date with their journey by following them on Facebook.

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