8th April 2020

Gurkhas in the UK – Support during COVID-19

Though our remit remains the support of Gurkha veterans and widows in the hills of Nepal, here in the UK we also provide advice to Gurkhas and their families who choose to settle here.

During this time of crisis, our assistance is more valuable than ever.

Getting the full message out there

We have made contact with all of the Gurkha community groups in the UK and provided translated advice regarding COVID-19, the symptoms, protection advice and when and how to self-isolate. Many Nepali pensioners in the UK do not speak English and ensuring they know the risks and their responsibilities during the pandemic is crucial.

Further to the above, our team of Nepali advisors are also in the process of phoning each of our Gurkhas individually to ensure they have all of the information they need – and understand the government advice.

Making sure Gurkhas are safe

We are working with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) so that they are aware of Gurkha Pension Credit recipients who have been stranded in Nepal following the lockdown there. We continue to liaise with our Nepali colleagues in-country to ensure that those in that situation are provided for.

Back in the UK we continue to work with the DWP, SSAFA, the Royal British Legion and others to advise Gurkhas and their families in need during this testing time and to point them to the help available.

Our team of Welfare Advisors in the UK are also continually translating information for other organisations spreading the word about COVID-19 and the current Government guidelines within their own communities.

If you are concerned about any Nepali people in your local community, please get in touch with our Advice Centre.

Always by our side in times of crisis

You may have seen that, in conjunction with other soldiers from the British Army, the Gurkhas were instrumental in the construction of the temporary COVID-19 hospital in the Excel Centre in London.

Read the full article here.

For 200 years the Gurkhas have fought by our side. Now, we fight for them.

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