7th March 2019

The Gurkha Welfare Trust receives MoD grant

The Gurkha Welfare Trust is pleased to announce that the charity has today been awarded a substantial grant from the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The grant of £2.5 million per year over the next 10 years will help us build on our existing medical programme and is a welcome boost to our mission to ensure that all Gurkha veterans and their families are able to receive international-standard healthcare in Nepal.

With over 20,000 Gurkha veterans and widows currently in Nepal, and our commitment to care for their families also, the scale of support needed is huge.

“I am delighted that in this, our 50th year as a charity, the MoD has pledged this support which will go some way towards funding one of our largest and most important service areas for Gurkhas. Our medical programme ensures that our veterans and their families have access to the best healthcare in Nepal.”

Al Howard, GWT Director

Why our medical service is so important in Nepal

On completion of their service, Gurkha soldiers returned to their families in their home country of Nepal. Unfortunately, Nepal doesn’t have the welfare and medical infrastructure that many of us take for granted here in the UK. With no equivalent to our National Health Service and the prohibitive cost of private medical care, many ordinary people, such as our veterans, have to choose between sub-standard or unaffordable medical care.

If untreated, simple but prevalent conditions like hypertension, diabetes and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) can quickly become life-changing problems in a country as challenging as Nepal.

“It is our responsibility to ensure that Gurkhas are enabled to live with the dignity they so deserve in their retirement.”

We need your support

Our medical work has undergone a change programme over the last two years on the advice of industry specialists. We have opened five new state-of-the-art medical clinics and equipped them with the best medical kit in-country. We restructured our team to be able to deliver medical support direct to people’s homes and we also recruited many new specialist staff.

This grant from the MoD will go some way to funding the running costs of these initiatives but with thousands of people who rely on them, we also need your support.

Last year we spent £4.7m on medical aid in Nepal, a figure which will continue to increase year-on-year. We currently employ over 150 specialist medical staff and doctors across the country and in total the team treated over 111,000 medical cases last year alone.

With your support we can reach further. For 200 years the Gurkhas have fought by our side. Now, we fight for them.

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