28th July 2022

Training to take on Nepal’s roads during Monsoon

From around mid-June to the end of September, Nepal suffers an annual, devastating monsoon.

Amongst damage to homes and farmland, the heavy rains cause severe flooding on roads. This can make it all the more difficult for our Pensioner Support Teams to reach Gurkha veterans and widows living in remote villages in the hills.

Although we can predict that the monsoon season will occur from June to September every year, we can’t predict the severity. However, we’re ready to deal with every possible eventuality when traveling to visit vulnerable veterans and widows. This is why our team undergoes rigorous training in how to navigate muddy, flooded roads in motorbikes and 4×4 vehicles.
Watch our trainees in the video below as they tackle bumpy rides, steep inclines, and flooded paths!

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