22nd November 2021

Corporate support from Just Wool Textiles

The Gurkha Welfare Trust is delighted to be entering into a new partnership with Just Wool Textiles, which produces a range of quality creations handwoven on traditional looms.

The perfect Christmas presents

The partnership will see Just Wool Textiles donating £7 to the Trust for every supporter who makes an online purchase of The Gurkha Welfare Trust pet collar or The Gurkha Welfare Trust scarf/neck warmer.

The pet collar is handwoven from British Falkland Islands Wool from wooltops.co.uk, with nickel plate components. The design is based on the colours of the Trust. Each collar retails at £26.50 with a £7 donation being made to the Trust.

The GWT Scarf is handwoven from British Alpaca from ukalpaca.com. The design is based on the colours of the Trust. Customers can choose from a standard scarf or neck warmer style which is narrower and shorter – for the person that “doesn’t do scarves.”

Owner of Just Wool Textiles, Neil Wildman-Whitten, said:

“Being a frequent visitor to the Falkland Islands and having islanders as friends, I am aware of the high regard with which the Gurkhas are held amongst those who were liberated by them. Their reputation for loyalty and skill in this campaign led me to want to know more, which resulted in my discovery of their two-hundred-year-old service as British soldiers. Such an illustrious history that continues means supporting them is my way of respecting their service.”

David Watson, Corporate Partnership Office at The Gurkha Welfare Trust, said:

“We are delighted to be receiving the support from Just Wool Textiles, who are providing such a generous donation to the Trust from the sale of scarves, neck warmers and dog collars. Neil, the owner of Just Wool Textiles, is so supportive of the work of the GWT and we are very hopeful that such quality, handmade, unique products will be extremely popular with our supporters.”

Anyone wanting to support this unique partnership please visit the Just Wool Textiles Website: https://justwooltextiles.co.uk/shop/ols/categories/the-gurkha-welfare-trust

If your business is interested in supporting the work of The Gurkha Welfare Trust please contact David Watson, Corporate Partnerships Officer at davidwatson@gwt.org.uk or 01722 343 115

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