25th August 2020

In pictures: Battling the monsoon in Nepal

The brave people of Nepal face a deadly monsoon every year. And this time it’s heavier than usual.

The effects of landslides and flooding often result in the loss of thousands of homes and acres of farmland, as well as hundreds of deaths.

Although we can predict that the monsoon season will occur from June to September every year, we can’t predict the severity. We’re ready with our 4x4s and motorbikes to deal with every possible eventuality when traveling to visit vulnerable veterans and widows.

Flooding and landslides are devastating the country of Nepal

Dozens of people have been killed and many are fleeing their homes for higher ground following heavy monsoon rains which continue to batter much of Nepal, Bangladesh and India. The resulting floodwaters have affected millions.

We do whatever we can to make sure the Gurkha veterans and widows we care for are safe. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to get to the homes of 900 Gurkha veterans and widows so far during this monsoon.

Tikajit, our Welfare Officer in Nepal’s Gulmi area spoke of the importance of our work at this time:

“Reaching Gurkha veterans and widows’ homes is getting tougher during this monsoon period. Obstacles are everywhere. Every twist and turn of roads lead you to new and unexpected adventures.”

“At the end of the day you will be feeling full of satisfaction since all the while you are on the mission to deliver essential aid to our veterans and widows.”

See below for pictures of the struggles we have to face to get there:

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