31st May 2018

The Bassa (King) who loves to sing

Meet Gurkha veteran Rifleman Sancha Bahadur Tamang. He’s 97 years old. He served for the British Army during World War Two.

Sancha enlisted into the Army in 1943 at the age of 22. He served for three years with the 1st Battalion/ 3rd Gurkha rifles. While in the Army, he was deployed to Malaya during Japan’s invasion.

Rifleman Sancha Bahadur Tamang

Life after the Army

In 1946, Sancha returned to Nepal where he lead an unforgiving life as a farmer. As a father of ten, it was incredibly difficult to support his family with such a low income.

Sancha’s hearing problem means that he requires round-the-clock professional support. Ensuring that elderly Gurkha veterans are able to live their lives in dignity is at the heart of our cause. So, we made the decision to take him to our Residential Home in Dharan, where he could get the care that he needs.

Staff at our Residential Homes not only make sure veterans receive the correct medical care – they also strive to make sure every day is as enjoyable as possible by providing regular recreational activities such as dancing, art and gardening. Sancha particularly enjoys singing and dancing with the nurses!

Sancha gets on very well with the other residents, and likes to think of himself as their leader:

“I am the Bassa (King) of this Residential Home! Living here makes me very happy.”

Being subjected to new sights, sounds and experiences is important for everyone, but especially for those living in a Residential Home. We regularly take them on days out, offering them the opportunity to get out and about. The Dharan residents recently went on a trip to a local theme park:

Pensioners from our Residential Home in Dharan, East Nepal on a recent visit to a local theme park

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