Do you have what it takes to be a Gurkha?

Gurkhas are famed for their fitness. Traditionally, this is developed from childhood in the Himalayan foothills where simply walking to school can be a two-hour trek.

During the Second World War, Gurkhas in Burma were known for their gruelling marches through thick, humid jungles, deep behing enemy lines.

In recognition of such extraordinary stamina and willingness to fight through pain, our fundraisers often test their resolve in challenges worthy of a Gurkha.

What's on offer?

Endeavour India

A race through the Himalayas of the Gurkha homeland – this challenge is worthy of the toughest soldier

Date: 6-16 April 2017

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Trailwalker UK

Welcome to the ultimate team challenge: 100km across the beautiful South Downs in 30 hours or less

Date: 28-30 July 2017

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Tough Mudder

This legendary challenge is a test of strength, stamina and straight up grit – are you tough enough?

Date: multiple events throughout 2017

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What better way to raise funds for Gurkha veterans than by jumping out of a plane! No experience is necessary so there's something for everyone.

Location: all over UK

Date: anytime

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What a day! The skydive was everything I'd hoped it would be

Tom C, supporter and thrill-seeker

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