Gurkha Welfare Trust - Tender Notices


(First Publish Date: 18 November 2021)

The Gurkha Welfare Trust Nepal (GWTN) intends to sell 3 x All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). The ATVs are NOT DUTY PAID (customs) and not registered officially in Nepal as well. The ATV can only be sold once it has been transferred to a private registration (Red Plate). Sealed bids are invited from interested individuals for the purchase of the following ATVs;

(a)(b)( c)(d)(e)(f)(g)
All Terrain Vehicles;

Polaris Ranger;

Mid Size 570 EU (R18RMA57F1);

Sage Green Colour







(For each Vehicle)

Vehicles not in use

(For Auction)

AWC Bagmati,



a) Mr Bishnu Gurung, HQ GWTN

Tel: 061-567270

b) Mr Raj Kumar Rai, AWC Bagmati

Tel: 01-4371599

Note:- The above-mentioned vehicles can be viewed at Area Welfare Centre Bagmati, Bansbari, Kathmandu from 18 November 2021 – 08 December 2021 between 1400hrs – 1600hrs during working days (Saturday-Sunday closed).


-1. Registration Fee: Bid Forms are available upon successful payment of NPR1,000.00 (In words Nepalese Rupees One Thousand only) for the vehicles (non-refundable) from above mentioned locations. Bid Form Purchase Fee may also be deposited into following bank account;

Account No.: 18-0268097-03                 A/C Title (Name): Gurkha Welfare Trust Nepal

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited, Pokhara Branch, Newroad, Pokhara, Kaski.

-2. Bid Submission: Sealed Bids should be submitted at anyone of the following locations; a) HQ GWTN British Gurkhas Pokhara and b) AWC Bagmati, Bansbari, Kathmandu. Along with the bid form, the bidder should submit a copy of Nepalese Citizenship Certificate (for Individual Bidders), copy of Company/Firm Registration Certificates (for Institutional Bidders) and Original copy of Bid Bond. The Bidder may submit a bid totally for all three vehicles or partially as well. Preference will be given to those bidders who submit bids wholly for all three vehicles. Incomplete tender forms will be invalidated.

-3. Bid Submission Deadline: Completed Bid Forms must be submitted by 1700hrs on 08 December 2021 (2078 Mangsir 22 BS) at the latest.

-4. Bid Bond: Vehicle Tender Form must be submitted with a 2.5% Bid Bond (Bank Guarantee) of the quoted price. Validity of the Bid Bond should be minimum of 3 months period.  Tender Bids submitted without Bid Bond shall be disqualified.

-5. Alteration of Prices, etc.: Bid Form should be filled up neatly and cleanly. Figures must NOT be altered or erased. Any alterations to the prices, etc. should be indicated by striking through the incorrect figures and inserting the correct figures above the original figures. All such alterations must be in ink and initialled by the Bidder. Bid amount quoted in words will be considered as final bid price.

-6. Tender Result: The name of successful bidder(s) will be informed by phone/email.

-7. Customs Duties: Customs duties of the vehicles are NOT PAID, therefore it is the buyer’s responsibility to pay relevant customs duties set by the Government of Nepal. The vehicles are also not registered officially in Nepal as well. The bidder will be responsible to complete registration of the vehicles himself at his own expenses. The vehicles will be handed over to the successful bidder upon successful payment of the bidding amount.

-8. Payment: The successful bidder must make full payment of the quoted amount to HQ GWT(N) within seven days from the date of result published. Failure to pay within the given period of time shall invalidate the acceptance of the tender and shall be offered to next bidder(s).

-9. Removal of Vehicles: Removal of the vehicles must be completed from GWTN/AWC premises at bidders’ own expenses within 35 days from the date of full payment made with the evidence of Nepal Government clearances.

-10. Claims against HQ GWT(N): The bidder at his/her own risk will acquire the vehicle(s). The successful bidder(s), or his/her agent, shall make no claim against HQ GWT(N) in respect of any loss, damage or injury suffered in the course of removing or using the vehicle(s).

-11. Right to Accept or Reject of Tender. The GWT Nepal reserves the right to accept or reject, wholly or partly, any or all the bids without assigning any reason whatsoever.


Please click here for;

-a. Bid Application Form

-b. Vehicle Photos and Bhansar Prgyapan Patra


For further details, please contact Logistics Cell, Headquarters Gurkha Welfare Trust Nepal, British Gurkhas Pokhara (Tel: 061-567243, 567327, Email:, ).

Procurement Cell

TALLO DEEP, POKHARA, PO BOX 50, Tel: 061-567327, Mobile No: 98560-42311, Email: